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Exsens Of Paris Arousal Gel - 15 Ml Hot Vanilla Espresso

Who doesn't like coffee in bed? This yummy Hot Vanilla Espresso Arousal Gel provides an intense cooling sensation while treating you to the delicious vanilla latte flavor you love. Try this delicious pleasure enhancer to optimize your orgasmic bliss. The fresh, kissable formula strongly increases libido and makes intimate play even more pleasurable. Up to 100 uses per bottle! REMEMBER: Our cooling arousal gels are super strong, so use just a drop to start! You can always add more. Best to apply yourself as partners can sometimes get carried away in the heat of the moment. Vanilla Espresso Flavor Almost Instant Cooling Effect Vegan Paraben Free Preservative Free Sugar Free For External Use Only Condom Friendly/No Petroleum-Based Ingredients Up to 100 Uses per Bottle. Directions for Use: Apply a small drop to your clitoris, penis, nipples, or anywhere cooling is desired, to discover intense and explosive sensations. INGREDIENTS: VEGAN GLYCERIN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, AROMA (FLAVOR), ETHYL MENTHANE CARBOXAMIDE, SODIUM SACCHARIN, CARBOMER, AQUA (WATER), SODIUM HYDROXIDE

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