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Swiss Navy Desire Water Based Intimate Lubricant - 4 Oz

Enjoy your best sex! Desire by Swiss Navy Intimate Lubricant is a liquid wonder meant to reduce friction and enhance those personal feel-good moments. Effortlessly apply the stay-on formula, then slip, slide, and glide into sensuous lubrication to make sex feel naturally better. Water-based versatility expands your pleasure options for more sexy freedom—and fun!
Embrace the power of lube!
Handy Instructions: Place where Desired. Rubbing creates fluidity.
Long-lasting formula. Reapply as Desired.
Genuinely easy clean up .
The long-lasting, stay-on formula is rich for easy placement and becomes fluid with rubbing.
Developed by women, for women.
Proudly made in the USA with the highest-grade quality ingredients.