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Who are we?

Hi, and welcome to Nirvana's Treasures! I thought of many ways to formally introduce myself and this company and came up with some language that was unauthentic and out of touch! Plain and simple, it wasn't ME! So who am I and what is Nirvana's Treasures...well.. I'm Natalie and Nirvana's Treasures is a company that I started in 2018. The mission of the company is to provide fun and educational resources regarding sexual health and wellness, while providing an array of sexy toys and other novelties to entice and serve some fun. Think of us as an adult sex education class where you can shop online for all the tools and supplies that you'll need for homework!

I started Nirvana's Treasures in 2018, after engaging in several conversations with my peers and noticing how the conversations would either cease or became muffled when the subject switch to sex. Sex is a natural life occurrence, yet it has been demonized as something that is forbidden. In certain areas of the World, it is an actual punishable offense to discuss or engage in sexual activity or conversations, which hopefully, will begin to shift  to a notice of acceptance and understanding, where engaging in the conversation alone wouldn't offend anyone. 

What I also discovered was the lack of knowledge when it came to sexual health and wellness. Many fail to notice the correlation between sex and sexual health. This gave me the desire to research and learn more about the different topics and discussions on sexual health. I wanted to begin the conversations on different health topics and not just the standard discussions of STD's/STI's, but to also discuss the mental health of a sexually active adult. -DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a license doctor, nor am I claiming to be. If you have any serious issues regarding your reproductive health or mental health, please consult your doctor.- With sex being such a taboo topic and it is my hope that one day, it will become a normal part of conversations, just as if we were discussing which fabric softer works best for a full load of dark colored jeans.

My goal is to provide a modernize, unconventional yet intimate, atmosphere when you shop with us or engage in conversations on our blog and/or many social media platforms. Not only will you be able to shop for products, but you will also have the ability to learn about sexual health and wellness topics. We are not a health organization nor do we currently have license professionals on staff. If you are suffering from any medical issue, please contact your doctor immediately.

Thank you for taking the time to read this mini-introduction to our company. Please follow us on our social media sites, you will definitely see more of me and my self expressions!

Also, don't forget to sign up on our Mailing list to be in the know of our upcoming Deals and Promotions and Thank you for your support!

Owner of Nirvana's Treasures, LLC

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