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Hunky Junk Hummer Vibe Prostate Pegger - Tar

Get HUJ inner vibe with our new HUMMER rev-viber prostate pegger...this velvety smooth silicone blend pegger is made from Plus+SILICONE material so it's slick and warm and extra rubbery. The design easy to hold and maneuver with a nubby texture on top of the strong bullet vibe for extra taint-tickle--this is the handle you grip to slide the thumb-thick all smooth shaft inside. Designed to slide in easy, the silicone sealed vibe-switch clicks for instant shakes and shivers...our “rev-viber” removable bullet sends a deep buzzy sensation all the way to the rubbery tip. Silicone sealed vibe unit prevents sweat or lube from entering. Hünkyjunk vibes means HUJ pleasure.

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