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Oxy Shop Glans Ring Set

Glans rings are designed to be worn just under the head of the penis, the coronal ridge prevents them from slipping back over the head. It feels like getting a tiny tug job all day long. The perfect piece of penis jewelry for a big throbbing bulge. Beautifying the beast, delivering a gratifying grip, tantalizing those sensitive nerve endings and keeping it rock hard! A glans ring gifts the wearer with a bigger glans, thus providing extra stimulation for a partner during play. How to Wear: Rub lube on the glans ring, it will help it to slide on the flaccid cock into the proper location. The best way is to place the ring just behind the glans, below the corona. The corona prevents the ring from sliding out as soon as there is a full erection. Remove the glans ring while flaccid. Gents that are not circumcised can wear with the foreskin retracted or not. Dimensions: 1” & 1.18” Diameter > Fits most Included: Two Glans Rings and a Carry bag + Digital AI Size Calculator to find the perfect fit. Materials: Stainless Steel 316L - Medical Grade & Body safe

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